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Light Source: FiberPal OT-3000

Light Source: FiberPal OT-3000

The OT-3220/3221 is designed for a high performance stabilized laser source, especially in practice for FTTX networking installation and maintenance fieldworks environment requirements. It is usually applied as stable laser sources for wide range of optical testers and tools in optical fiber cabling and transmission systems.

  OT-3220/3221 performance is in compliant with  Bell core requirements for a stable and accurate laser sources by an  internal monitor photo-diode which serves as a real-time feedback to adjust the laser current in order to be used fairly  stable at certain temperature variance environment. 

With FTTX fieldwork practice in mind, the straightforward control panel and the smallsize with its ergonomic exterior design, it is perfect for field fiber testing splicing, connector loss, cable acceptance, attenuation, fiber-type identification in various LAN, FDDI, and ISDN networks throughputs.




    Dual Wavelength Laser Sources

    CW and 2 kHz, 1kHz, 270 Hz modulation options

    Ergonomic, eye-catching mini handheld package

    Easy of use in FTTX fieldwork environment

    Auto-off for battery saving

    LCD Display with Backlight

    Flashlight Luminosity



    Fiber Loss Measurement

    Fiber Attenuation Measurement

    Stabilized Laser Sources for loss

    measurement in FTTX networks,

    can be in use with a high precision Power Meter (e.g. OT-2500)

    Fiber cable identification by using CW or 2 kHz modulated light source


Technical Specifications*1







1310/1550 nm ± 30 nm

1625 nm ± 30 nm

Laser type FP Laser, Class I

Spectral Width

5 nm

Output Power*2

-6.5 dBm

-3.0 dBm

-6.5 dBm

 Stability in 1Hr (8 Hr)*3

±0.05 dB (±0.1 dB)

Temperature Stability

±0.02 dB/°C

General Specifications



120 (L) x 60 (W) x 25 (H) mm


Temperature Operating

 0 to +50oC


-20 to +60oC


5 to 95 % (non condensing)


SC or FC, LC (optional)


1. Measured at 23±2 °C with Telecordia Technical Reference

2. Coupled into 9/125 μm fiber

3. Typical 20-minute warm-up period of time




    One instruction manual

    Two AAA size alkaline batteries

    One certification sheet

    One protection bumper and strap