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Mini Fiber Optical Monitoring Alarm System (Mini FOMA)

Mini FOMA (Fiber Optical Monitoring Alarm System) is integrated RTU (Remote Test Unit) 、Center Monitoring Server and its management software to achieve integrated operation、remote management、unattended monitor、periodic fiber scan、predictive analysis and support the instant fiber with status information and alarm warning, accurate of long-term fiber data record. 



  • Easy integration with existing GIS system and/or other databases
  • Support Google Map, short messages as well as e-mails
  • Highly integrated structure design, highly stable system, and fully technical supports reduce the necessary installation as well as maintenance costs to the minimal
  • Rigorous user authorization mechanism in Mini FOMA system management
  • User-friendly graphical interface available in LAN and WAN
  • Provide API to create user interface (UI)
  • Using OCS module to select the optical test path makes the multiple fiber testing comes true
  • Support network remote control, remote testing ,data transfer and remote equipment status report
  • With 20 years experience on the design and manufacture of OTDR and fiber testing equipment, Radiantech is pleased to design the extra Mini FOMA system to fulfill customers’ special fiber monitoring demands on request


  •  Avoid fiber event spread by pre-alarm and early treatment 

          - Pre-treatment to the fiber degradations before service outage or cable break

          - Early treatment to reduce the maintenance costs

          - Keep reputation of the company by minimizing client claims

  • Monitor the fiber QoS perennially

          - Verify the fiber QoS by long-term recording on fiber alarms ,degradation

          - Clarify the liability among fiber constructors by long-term fiber recording data

          - Improve the quality of fiber construction by long-term monitoring

  • Obtain fiber failure status remotely 

          -  Automatic and precise locating of fiber events and failure, no on site technician required

          -  Shorten the maintenance time and reduce the maintenance administration cost  

  • Real-time service and reporting

           -  Notify on-duty technicians immediately after alarm through mobile messages

           -  On-duty technician reports for maintenance status by real-time message

           -  The quickest response stands for the customer service

  •  Visualized management system  

          -  Web pages are used to operate management functions and to display map and OTDR trace

          -  Fiber network structure, fiber routes in network , fiber condition and alarm on fiber can be checked 

             and inspected on Google Map or similar GIS system

Mini FOMA Specification 

Power specification

  • Input two kinds of voltage with -48V DC/3A and or 110/220V AC in  
  • With light indication and power switch on the panel 

 OTDR  (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer) specification           

  • Operation wavelength :1310/1550/1625nm
  • Dynamic range @ NR=1,Pulse=20 us : 30dB~43dB (Option)
  • X-axis resolution :  25 cm
  • Y-axis resolution : 0.01dB
  • Refraction index :Between 1.4000 and 1.7000   range,each layer is 0.0001
  • Accuracy:±(1m + 3 x10-5 x Distance +Marker Resolution )
  • Attenuation Dead Zone @ 0.01 msec and below:≦ 9 m
  • Event dead zone @ 0.01 msec and below :≦ 1.8 m
  • Pulse width:10 ns to 20 us
  • Maximum Sampling points:More than 128,000 points

OCS  (channel selection) specification 

  • Channel number: 2/4/8 ports
  • Passband: ±15nm@ 1310nm, ±20nm@ 1550nm and 1625nm
  • Back Reflection: 55dB
  • Insertion loss: ≦1.0dB
  • Switching time: ≦75ms
  • Crosstalk: > 70dB
  • Repeatability, in the room temperature after operation for 1 hr:≦ 0.1dB
  • Life time: able to switch 10 million cycle min 

OPM (Optical Power Measurement )  specification (Option)

  • Operation wavelength : 1310nm‚ 1550nm and 1625nm
  • Dynamic range‚ input optical power : +10dBm to -45dBm
  • Accuracy:≦ 0.5dB
  • Resolution:≦0.1dB
  • Linearity (between -10 and -55 dBm) : ≦± 0.5 dB
  • Output ports: 2/4/8  ports to select
  • Build-in LP optical filter (Option)

 Regular specification


305 (L) x 483 (W) x 45 (1U) (H) mm




Operation temperature : 0 to +50

Storing temperature : -10 to +70

Operation humidity

0 to 90 %  RH, ( non-condensing )