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Palm OTDR: FiberPal OT-8600

Palm OTDR: FiberPal OT-8600


The Palm OTDR (OT-8600) is a new miniature, high performance optical time domain reflectometer which is designed as fiber troubleshooter for locating fiber connector, break and imperfections for access networks. It detects event locations along the optical fiber and displays the results on a color LCD display. This Palm OTDR is light, reliable and easy to use, hence it is ideal for FTTX testing.


The Application Software equipped is used for data analysis, processing and storage. With the USB Interface port, enabling OT-8600 to transfer test data to computer easily.












 l        Light, Compact, Cost-effective, Portable and Reliable

l       Identifying the reflective and   non-reflective type faults

l       3.2 TFT-LCD color display with LED backlight

l       Work with four AA Size Alkaline Batteries

 l       PC Software for analysis and test report generation  under Windows  2000/XP

 l       USB interface for data transfer 

 l       Built-in Visual Fault Locator with on screen indicator  

 l       On screen battery indicator with low battery alerts 

 l       Support external SD memory card 


 l       Optical insertion loss measurement

l       Fiber fault event(s) locating 

l       Fiber event(s) identification

l       Fiber length measurement

l       Monitoring system for data measurement

l       Fiber types identification


PC Software Screen and Report Format Sample

l       Supports one / two / four traces in single page(Includes detailed trace information)

l       Supports additional event table for comparison (optional function for user demands)



Technical Specifications*1 

                  Item \ Model
1310 / 1550  ± 20nm
1625  ± 20nm
 DynamicRange (typ.)*2   (dB)
 30km : 16/14/14 @ 1310/1550/1625 nm
MeasurementRange (km)
  30 km (Y = 6 )
Fiber Under Test*3
  9/125 µm Single Mode Fiber 
Measuring Time / Each Time
  < 30 Sec*4
Pulse Width
  Easy Scan : Auto Setting 
  Real Time Scan : 100/400/1000 ns
Event Dead Zone*5
  < 5 m
Attenuation Dead Zone*6
  < 20 m
Power Supply
  4 AA Size 1.5V Batteries or 5V/2A AC-DC adaptor
Distance Accuracy                                 (Reflective Event Detection)
  ± (1 m + 2x10-5 x Distance + Marker Resolution)
Loss Accuracy
  ± 0.1 dB/dB  
Return Loss Accuracy
  ± 4 dB
Number of Trace Storage*7
  > 5000 traces
Visual Fault Locator (Wavelength / Power / Modulation)
  650 nm / 0 dBm > Po >- 3 dBm/ 1 Hz 






1.All specifications are subject to change without notice.

2.SNR = 1    

3.Test with Corning SMF-28.

4.Tested under Easy-scan Mode with 1 km SM fiber.

 5.Reflective type connection could be normal adaptive connectors, normal mechanical splice connections or high return loss fiber breakage faults.

  6. Non-Reflective type connection could be fusion splice connection or  excessive bending point or fiber breakage faults.

7. Up to 5000 traces with 1 GB SD memory card.  


  General Specifications  



227 (L) x 117 (W) x 50 (H) mm (with bumper)


< 850 g


Operating: 0 to +50oC

Storage: -20 to +60oC


5 to 95 % (non condensing)


SC or FC (optional )



   l      One power adaptor (AC 110-240V / DC 5V 2A)

l       One rugged carrying suitcase

l       One USB cable   

l       One strap

l       Four AA size 1.5V Alkaline batteries

l        One instruction manual 

l       One calibration certificate

l       One software CD


Ordering Information for OT-86XY


Wavelength (X)

                 Measurement Range (Y)

1 = 1310 nm 

2 = 1550 nm 

3 = 1310 / 1550 nm

6 = 1625 nm

0 = 20 km

6 = 30 km


Example of Ordering statement: OT-86XY 

e.g. : OT-8636 = One of OT-8600 series products with wavelength of dual bands of 1310nm and 1550 nm and measurement range of 32km. (The number of blue color is optional based on customers needs. Please refer to details of the Ordering Information above)